A skilled team of designers ready to help you

In our stores you will find a showroom dedicated to all the home environments, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the studio to the livingroom, and from the bedroom to the kids’ room, giving you examples of projects to a customised design.

The project will be based on your needs and preferences, and because we want to think about everything, we also have the transport and assembly service, if you need.

The high quality of our services is our motto, following the custumers until the end, and offering a continue after-sale support if needed.


Kitchen center

One of the biggest kitchen center of all Emilia Romagna.

You will find a wide selection of the newest and innovative kitchens of the most important brands made in Italy, ready to be customized by your need.

Living center

Whatever your favourite design style is, we have it.

Whether you like classic or contemporary, minimal or ethnic, you will find what you need for your home. We are able to accomplish all tastes.

Sofa center

A whole area dedicated to the sofas to help you find the perfect one for you.

A wide choice of models is just waiting to be tried and tested by you.

Bathroom center

Our team of specialized interior designers will help you find the best solution for you bathroom, including, of course, the famous high quality of the interior design made in Italy.

Wardrobe center

You will find wardrobes and closets in all the measures and all the types, with all kinds of finishings and details that make it unique and perfect for your bedroom.

Mattress center

One of our flagship is the specialized mattress center, where you can literally build the perfect mattress for your sleep, with the help of one of our designers, and with the opportunity to try them and to choose which one is the right one for you.

Office center

We also want to please and help those who need to furnish and decorate the office, giving them the same customer service, based on the customised project and a luxury Italian design.

Teens room center

We want to give to your kids the best that the Italian interior design offers. Solid, funny, functional and colourful bedrooms to help them in all the steps of their growth.

Design service and after sale asistence

Customized design service

Bertoli Arredamenti is proud to offer a professional  design service where our team will work closely with the customers to help them bring their vision to reality.

Delivery and assembly

We work with a specialized and really professional staff to ensure a perfect assembly of your products.


After sale assistance

We want to ensure a great customer service from the beginning to the end, giving to the customers all the support, if needed.